Bone Health in Middle and Older Surfers

  • Simas V. e col.
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Source: Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine »Volume 10

Location: Water Based Research Unit, Bond Institute of Health and Sport, Bond University, Promethean Way, Robina, Gold Coast, QLD 4226, Australia

Objective: Study of bone density in middle and old surfers

Methods: 2 groups Surfers vs. Non-Surfers, age and gender equivalents. Age between 50-75 years. Evaluated: Body Mass Index, physical activity questionnaire, daily calcium intake, and alcohol consumption. Primary outcomes included Bone Mass Density (BMD) in the femur and lumbar spine (LS) and T score, assessed by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Bone biomarkers were also analyzed.

Results: We evaluated 104 participants (59 surfers and 45 controls). The groups were similar for all demographic characteristics except the percentage of lean mass (higher in surfers) and the current Body Mass Index score (lower in surfers). Surfers had an average surfing experience of 41.2 (SD ± 11.8) years and average surfing exposure of 26.9 (SD ± 15.0) hours / month. Controls were divided into two groups according to their main physical activity: weightlifting / high intensity (WBHI) and weightlifting / low intensity (NWBLI). When compared to NWBLI controls, surfers had higher BMD LS and higher T score; however, surfers had a lower T-score than the WBH group. No other differences were found between the groups.

Conclusion: The results of this study corroborate our hypothesis that regular surfing may be an effective physical activity for middle-aged and older men to decrease aging-related bone deterioration as we identified positive outcomes for surfers compared to primary outcomes. .

SID opinion: 🤙🤙🤙🤙. A significant number of studies highlighting how regular surfing can prevent bone metabolism diseases such as osteoporosis, sun exposure and musculoskeletal activation in an elderly population.

SID Tip: In addition to osteometabolic diseases, surfing by the elderly should be encouraged to improve cardiopulmonary function, postural balance and psychological benefits. We advise, especially in this age group and for those not experienced surfers, supervision of an instructor.