Surfer’s Rib: Isolated First Rib Fracture Secondary to Indirect Trauma

  • Bailey P. et al.
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Location: Department of Emergency Medicine, Kaiser Permanent Medical Care Program, Harbor City, California.

Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine 14: 4 April 1985

Case Report: Anterolateral fracture of the first rib produced by indirect trauma in a surfer.

A case of anterolateral first rib fracture produced by indirect trauma in a surfer is presented. A 17-year-old man was seen in the emergency depart- ment with the complaint of left shoulder pain that developed while he per- formed a so-called lay back maneuver on a surfboard. No history of direct trauma was elicited. After physical examination revealed point tenderness high in the left axilla, radiographic evaluation of the chest showed an iso- lated fracture of the anterolateral aspect of the left first rib. No morbidity was associated with this fracture which, when produced by other forces, can have serious sequelae.

SID opinion: 🤙. Case report demonstrates the great strength and energy involved in surfing maneuvers, which can even generate fractures.

SID Tip: Fitness is essential to avoid surfing injury.