Scoring Analysis of the Men’s 2013 World Championship Tour of Surfing

  • Oliver R. L. Farley
  • Ellen Raymond
  • Josh L. Secomb
  • Brendon Ferrier
  • Lina Lundgren
  • Tai T. Tran
  • Chris Abbiss
  • Jeremy M. Sheppard
Low relevance

The study compared scores obtained by the 10 highest and lowest ranked athletes on the men’s 2013 World Championship Tour (WCT) of surfing. Significant differences (p<.001) were identified between the two groups’ average wave scores, average total scores and total heats competed. In addition, the average standard deviation (SD) of each surfer’s wave score was […]

Anthropometric variables and their relationship to performance and ability in male surfers

  • Barlow J. e col.
Medium relevance

Location: United Kingdom Plymouth University, UK, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK Source: European Journal of Sport Science, 2014 Vol. 14, No. S1, S171 S177, Objective: to evaluate the anthropometric profiles of male surfers and to investigate the relationship of these measures to performance and ability. Study Design: Observational Method: 79 male surfers of different […]

Anaerobic and Aerobic Fitness Profiling of Competitive Surfers

  • Oliver Farley; Nigel Harris; Andrew Kilding
Low relevance

Despite widespread popularity of competitive surfing internationally, very little research has investigated the physiological profile of surf athletes and attempted to identify the relationships between physiological measures and surfing performance. This study determined the peak oxygen uptake (V[Combining Dot Above]O2peak) from an incremental ramp test and anaerobic power (watts) during a 10-second maximal-paddling burst using […]

The epidemiology of competition and training-based surf sport-related injury in Australia, 2003-2011

  • Mitchell R. et al.
Medium relevance

Objectives: To describe the epidemiology of competition and training-based surf sport-related injury in Australia in the years 2003-2011. Design: A retrospective epidemiological review.  Methods: Information on surf sport-related injuries was obtained from Surf Life Saving Australia’s SurfGuard Incident Reporting Database during 1 January 2003 to 20 August 2011.  Results: There were 2645 surf sport-related competition […]